Sunday, June 7, 2015

I Miss Lovie So Badly

Lovie went away to grooming school a little over two weeks ago, and damn I miss her so badly.  She will only be gone for a month, but so far it feels like eternity.  I never thought that only after 17 months of being together, I would have grown so close to her.

The house just doesn't feel the same without her around.  It's so weird.  I thought that it might bring Champ and I closer together because we'd have some one-on-one time, but honestly the things just don't seem right without her here.

I have been doing things to try to remind her that we both love her very much and miss her.  We talk via text everyday individually and as a group. I have also sent her a card almost every day since she has been gone.  Some of the cards have been store bought, some have been just hand doodled blank cards. It's just been my way of reminding her that we will be here for her when she gets back.

Peanut has handled this the best out of all of us.  He misses her, but isn't really down.  I asked him the other day why he wasn't sad that Lovie was gone.  He looked at me in a confused manner and said, "Because she's coming back.  She's got to go to school."  Leave it to a six year old to put things into perspective.  I know I shouldn't be sad that she's gone, because she is doing what she has to do, but damn it's hard not to be.

Champ is going down to spend the weekend next weekend with Lovie, and I'm so happy for them.  I wish I could go soon, but someone has to stay and care for the animals and Peanut.  I got to go see her for the weekend last weekend, so I've already gotten a trip to see her, so I know that Champ should go alone.  I'll survive.  I'll miss them both, but I'll be ok.  If you want to read about my visit with Lovie click here.

One good thing that came out of her going away to school was that we went on our first mini vacation together as a triad.  It was only for one night but it was so much fun.  You can read about our mini vacation here.

Well, I guess that is enough crying about how much I miss Lovie.  I feel better after getting it all out.

Until next time,


  1. The level on which i can relate to this is 100! i know what its like to miss someone badly and it sucks to wake up to that every single day! loved your content <3.

  2. Oo Dear.. I can relate your story with mine. or may be many other girls. Friend's love is that no one can compete with it. I can feel from your blog how much you love your friend and how badly you are missing her. But don't worry she will be back after a month.