Sunday, November 1, 2015

Triad Vacation Time!!!

I'm so excited.  We just finished packing for our vacation, and will be heading out soon.  Well, Lovie and I are finished packing.  Champ just woke up and still has to pack.

We are taking a mini vacation to a cabin in the mountains.  It's just for a few days, but I NEED THIS VACATION so badly.

I have no clue what all we are going to do, but I'd be fine just sitting in the cabin and reconnecting.

I'm brining my computer, because I'd like to work on my poly book series some.  I'm also going to bring my art supplies in hopes that the mountains give me some inspiration.

Until next time,


  1. After reading your post now i also need this vacation badly, I am already bored and tired with my routine work i think one such trip will surely work for me . nice post and thanks for sharing..

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