Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Poly Engagement Ring(s) Guide - Part 1 in the Wedding / Commitment Ceremony Series

I've been seeing many triads getting engaged in the various poly groups I belong to.  This has gotten me thinking about the different choices that polyamorists have when it comes to engagement rings, especially triads.  Most engagement rings are single rings or a matching set for a couple.  This wouldn't work well for a triad since, well there are three people.  I did a quick google search to see what options were out there, and honestly there were not really a three piece set that caught my eye.  This made me pretty sad, because I know that I'm not the only person who has searched for such a set of wedding rings.

I don't know why it bothered me so much, but I couldn't help but thinking about those people popping the question to their other partner(s), and the struggle that they had to have went through to find a ring or set of rings that would work for them. 

I decided to go to and reach out to some shops that had rings that caught my eye to see if they would create custom triad sets.  I am happy to say that there was such a great response.   I decided to come back to my blog and start a whole series on polyamory wedding / commitment ceremony guides.

I hope you enjoy.


At Skyeanddrylie shop I found this adorable carved spoon for only $10.00 .  This would be such a cute way to pop the question.  But it doesn't quite fit for a triad.  So, I messaged the shop and asked if they would be able to do a spoon that said, "Will you marry us?" They responded that they would be able to do that.  They did not say if there would be an additional charge for a custom order or not, so if this idea interests you, send them a message and ask.

Now onto rings.  These are rings that caught my eye and that I thought would work well for two people as well as triads.  I will note that I contacted each of these shop owners to ask specific questions about their products to see if they could make them more poly friendly and/or triad friendly.
These wedding bands are listed in the shop. OnlyUniqueGifts.  It is listed currently for $49 for the pair.  They did tell me that they could do a set of three, but they have not given me a price yet.

These wedding rings are listed in the shop FashionMyHome.  This is a set for a man and woman and is currently listed for $27.  They did tell me that they could do a three piece set if I would like.
These wedding bands can be found in the shop PersonalizedGiftsUSA.  I asked the shop owner if they could put three names on the rings, and they said as long as the number of characters fit they could do that.
These wedding bands can be found in the shop JubileJewel.  These rings would be awesome for two people, but doesn't quite fit a triad either.  I messaged the shop owner, and asked if they could make two women's rings that said "I love him and her" and a male ring that said "I love her & her".  They said they would be happy to do that.  Since they are able to customize the rings to fit your needs, this would be a great set of rings for a trouple.
This ring can be found in the shop Belvidesigns.  I thought this ring was really cute.  I asked the shop owner if they could do three initials inside and they said yes.

Now onto my favorite triad wedding ring set.
 This set can be found at OnlyUniqueGifts.  I asked this shop owner if they could do two women's heart rings and one man's ring and they said yes.  Just go to their shop and request a custom order.

Well, I hope you enjoy this wedding ring / engagement ring guide for polyamory couples and triads.    It warms my heart that shops like these on etsy are willing to work with non-traditional relationships to make their commitment ceremony / wedding day as special as their love.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Triad Vacation Time!!!

I'm so excited.  We just finished packing for our vacation, and will be heading out soon.  Well, Lovie and I are finished packing.  Champ just woke up and still has to pack.

We are taking a mini vacation to a cabin in the mountains.  It's just for a few days, but I NEED THIS VACATION so badly.

I have no clue what all we are going to do, but I'd be fine just sitting in the cabin and reconnecting.

I'm brining my computer, because I'd like to work on my poly book series some.  I'm also going to bring my art supplies in hopes that the mountains give me some inspiration.

Until next time,