Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Calling all Poly People!

I have pitched a book series to my book editor about a poly series that focuses on advice from poly people.  Topics include everything from dating, to jealousy, to having kids.  I would like to have it include advice from fellow polyamorous people from around the globe.  Are you interested in submitting advice or telling your beautiful love story?  Please use the links below to submit.  You're submissions will remain anonymous.  You get to chose what name you'd like to be represented as, what questions you answer, everything.  Share as much or as little about your happy poly life as you would like.  And please share with others that might want their poly voice heard. The survey is split up into topics in order to allow people to fit in a survey as they have the time.  Thank you so much.

  • To take the Poly Stats Survey click here.
  • To take the Coming Out as Poly Survey click here.
  • To take the Metamour(s) Survey click here (please note, this survey covers topics about metamours not just for metamours to answer)
  • To take the Time Management Survey click here.
  • To take the Poly with Children Survey click here.
  • To take the Rules and Boundaries Survey click here.
  • To take the Jealousy Survey click here.
  • To take the Compersion and Happy Poly Moment's Survey click here.
  • To take the Pros and Cons of Poly Configurations Survey click here.
Until next time,


  1. That is really good idea of having things from people instead of writing your thoughts. Going to share it with my circle, hope they will get in touch with you

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