Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ask a Triad Any Poly Related Questions You May Have

Fill out the form below to ask us anything you want that is related to being poly and we will answer it.  Whether you have a question about being a triad, having a kid and being poly, or just looking for poly related advice we are here to help.  Click the Contact Us link below to submit your question or comment.

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  1. Well i don't have any question at the moment but will have saved your link with me and will surely check it in the coming days..

  2. Oh this is quite a complex kind of relation. However, I would like to know more about your lives and how you manage this family relations.

  3. Ok i am in a triad as well and i love both of my partners sooo much and i want to marry them but the law days that i cant how do i choose who to legally marry and who to just have a ceremony with

  4. How do you deal with jealousy and navigate feelings? Knowing things aren't always 100% equal all ways and some might have a stronger or deeper connection than the others. I have FOMO and even though I know my wife loves me, how do I quiet my mind when I'm not with her or them?

    1. Did anyone ever answer you on this? I am just starting out in a triad and I love both and want this but I feel jealousy everytime they are out of my eyesight or earshot.