Who Are We?

Hello there.  Welcome to our little piece of the internet.  We hope that you enjoy your time here.  This  blog is going to be a documentary of sorts on our lives as a poly family.  It will also contain poly related articles and things that we just find plain interesting.  This blog will mainly be told by Doll, that's me, though Lovie & Champ might sometimes blog on here too.  If you ever want to reach us or ask us a question you can tweet us or send us an email.  

Now about us:
Champ is the male part of our traid.  He is married to Doll and the boyfriend to Lovie.  He is also the father of Peanut.
Doll is one of the female parts of our traid. She is the wife of Champ and girlfriend to Lovie.  She is also the biological mother of Peanut.

Lovie is the other female part of our triad.  She is the girlfriend of both Doll and Champ.
Peanut is our child.  He is almost 7 years old.  He is just your typical child. 

We will not that this blog is intended for those 18+ as not all material will be suited for those under the age of 18.


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